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Taofiq Aziz

  • Msc Physiotherapy (University of Ottawa)

  • B.Sc Kinesiology (Western University)

  • Bilingual in French and English, Conversational Spanis

"Ask not for a lighter load, but rather a stronger back"

— Unknown

I started my journey into the world of exercise science having completed a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Western University. During my time there, I was very fortunate to have hands-on experience as a Varsity Strength and Conditioning Coach and, later, became the Athletic Therapist for both the men’s and women’s varsity soccer teams. My passion for orthopedics and sports rehabilitation were unstoppable and from there I went on to earn my Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Ottawa!

My approach has always been patient-centered with an emphasis on guiding and educating my clients so that they not only understand their personal rehabilitation journey, but they can be autonomous and self-manage in the future. I am devoted to improving functional measures through guided and therapeutic strength, mobility and endurance treatment planning to support long term rehab, goals and ultimately their lives.  I believe that a key marker for success and longevity lies in a healthy and active lifestyle and strive to make this a fun endeavor for all of my clients.

Outside of being a physiotherapist, I love to run and enjoy all of the outdoors Ottawa has to offer. I aspire to complete a marathon and an Iron man in my future. If I’m not outdoors, I can be found in the kitchen experimenting with different dishes.

If you're ready to tackle your goals, whether it's overcoming pain or reaching new fitness heights, I'm here to help you every step of the way. Let's make progress together!

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