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Telerehab Ottawa

Optimal Health Solutions in the Comfort of Your Home!

See Why Our Telerehab Services Are Similar to Your Typical In-Clinic Physiotherapy Sessions

Online Video Physiotherapy

Address your concerns in a time sensitive manner.


Educate and guide you to minimize setbacks and learn symptom management strategies.


Empower you with self-efficacy strategies.


Facilitate your home program implementation using your own individual equipment and space.


Explore new movement and self release options for pain relief.


Progress your exercise program.


Help you stay on track with your plan of care to reach your goals.


Flexible and Accessible Care

No need for in-person visits for physio updates.


We Listen to your story.


We observe how your pain changes as you move.


We assess your strength and your ability to balance.


We set goals together and help you get there.


We look at your postural habits, movement strategies and restrictions and how they impact your problem.


We visually inspect the problematic area.


At MOOV PHYSIOTHERAPY, we firmly believe that the success of your recovery relies on the strong collaboration between YOU, the active participant, and your Physiotherapist.

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Our Alliance Rises Above Any Physical Distancing Challenges

The Top Advantages of Being One-Click Away From Your Physiotherapist

Time efficiency for your busy work schedules by saving commute time.


Receiving care from the comfort of your own home when:


Support is available even when away on a business trip or on vacation.


You or a loved one is sick.

Receiving early post-op care.

Experiencing pain or mobility challenges that make transportation difficult.

Your babysitting plans have fallen through.

Living in a remote area with difficult access to a physiotherapist.

Weather is not allowing you to get to your in-clinic appointment.

Recovering from birthing for post-partum care (first few weeks or beyond).

Teleworking from home.

FAQ Section

What Are Tele Rehabilitation Programs?

Telerehabilitation is a form of physical therapy that uses technology to provide remote care. It is an effective way for patients to receive the same quality of care they would get in person, without having to leave their homes.

Telerehabilitation programs use video conferencing, telephone calls, and other forms of communication to connect patients with their physical therapists. During these sessions, the physical therapist will assess the patient’s condition and provide personalized treatment plans.

What Are the Different Types of Telerehabilitation?

Telerehabilitation can take many forms, depending on the needs of the patient. Virtual supervision of rehabilitation interventions can include:


1. Video Conferencing

A video appointment is one of the most popular forms of telerehabilitation, as it allows for real-time interaction between the patient and their physical therapist. During these sessions, patients can receive instruction on exercises, stretches, and other treatments.


2. Telephone Calls

This type of telerehabilitation is often used for follow-up appointments or to check in with the patient about their progress.


3. Text Messaging

Text messaging can provide reminders about upcoming appointments or answer any questions the patient may have.


4. Online Education

Many physical therapists offer online education programs that can be accessed from the comfort of the patient’s home. These programs can provide information about exercises, stretches, and other treatments to help with recovery.