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A unique strengthening program based on best evidence practice and expert opinion in the field of sports medicine rehab and women’s health.

MOOV Strong

Individual and Group Sessions

75 min|Establishes your baseline for the program

Initial Individual Session

  • Movement strategies assessment
  • Load strategies assessment
  • Full body strength testing to find your Repetition Max*
  • Individual goal setting

Note: Musculoskeletal &/or pelvic health symptoms will be monitored and respected during testing.

*Maximum load a muscle can lift for a predetermined number of repetitions to the point of fatigue.

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45 min|Exercise sessions to build a strong base

Follow-up Individual Sessions

  • Cornerstone strengthening exercises
  • Discover and tweak your optimal movement strategies
  • Guidance to scale exercises to your individual needs to stay bellow symptoms threshold
  • Opportunity to get tailored homework and education

Note: Number of Individual Sessions depends on your individual needs and goals. Recommended: 4-6 sessions, to be determined by your physiotherapist.

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45 min|Build confidence and durability

Group Sessions

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  • Circuit training routine of functional strength exercises
  • Integrate what you’ve learned in your Individual Sessions
  • Small groups to ensure adequate supervision

Note: You must have completed the Individual Sessions of the program before joining the Group Sessions to ensure you get the most program benefits.

A physiotherapy receipt will be provided for each Individual and Group Session so you can submit it to your extended health insurance provider.

Our Programs

MOOV Strong for Women

Ideal for women who have:

  • Diastasis recti
  • Pelvic health concerns such as: pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence
  • Given birth recently or less recently

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MOOV Strong for Inexperienced Athletes

Ideal for individuals who are:

  • New to fitness and strength training, and want to reduce risk of getting injured

  • Looking to return to resistance training after significant time-off due to injury or other circumstance

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MOOV Strong for Experienced Athletes

Ideal for individuals who:

  • Want to improve their overall strength

  • Are looking to increase their strength and/or mobility and reduce their risk of injury

  • Exercise regularly but experience pain while doing so

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