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Understanding Pelvic Health: Comprehensive Care and Treatment

Cindy Thibodeau, April 3 2024

Pelvic health issues impact a significant portion of Canadians, with many suffering in silence due to stigma and a lack of awareness. Only a fraction of those affected seek treatment, highlighting a critical gap in care and support. We are determined to address this issue by fostering an open dialogue and offering personalized care. This blog...

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Navigating the Maze of Back Pain: Insights and Strategies

Cindy Thibodeau, March 27 2024

In today's fast-paced world, back pain has emerged as a common ailment affecting individuals across various walks of life. Whether it stems from prolonged sitting at office desks, physical strain, or underlying health conditions, back pain can significantly hinder one's daily activities and quality of

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Mastering 6 Essential Strength Training Movements: Building a Foundation for Daily Strength

Cindy Thibodeau & Laurel MacAdam, February 15 2024

At MOOV Physiotherapy in Downtown Ottawa, we understand that physical strength and functionality are pivotal for a fulfilling life, especially as we age. This guide is dedicated to 6 fundamental movements that are essential for daily activities.  Focusing on squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups, rows and farmer carry.  By mastering these...

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Personalized Physiotherapy Care: The MOOV Approach

Cindy Thibodeau, February 7 2024

In the bustling heart of downtown Ottawa, there's a place where physiotherapy is reimagined - a boutique-style clinic that epitomizes personalized healthcare. This isn't your typical medical facility; it's a sanctuary where individualized attention and care are paramount. Welcome to MOOV Physiotherapy, where we redefine what it means to receive...

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A Step in the Right Direction: How Physiotherapy Paves the Way for Senior Fall Prevention

Cindy Thibodeau, November 17 2023

As the autumn leaves blanket the ground, November assumes a crucial role in raising awareness about a subject that demands urgent consideration: fall prevention. Particularly among the elderly, falls are not mere accidents but rather preventable incidents that can significantly impact their quality of life. The month of Fall Prevention serves as...

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Unleashing Your Potential: The Transformative Power of Spinal Twists in Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

Cindy Thibodeau, August 28 2023

Sports, in all their diverse forms, unite athletes of every level through a shared pursuit of wellness and excellence. Whether you're a dedicated weekend warrior or a seasoned athlete, the journey to achieve your best is marked by challenges and success. Whether it's the sleek glide of a swimmer, the precise swing of a golfer, the lightning-fast...

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From Backache to Reflexes: How Your Physiotherapist Decodes Back Pain

Paul Phillips PT, August 23 2023

You have finally taken the time in your busy work schedule to make a physiotherapy appointment to tackle that low back pain that has been gradually getting worse.  As you delve into a detailed discussion of your symptoms and settle in for your assessment, your physiotherapist surprises you by asking to test your reflexes.  Reflexes? Intrigued,...

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Unraveling the Puzzle: Walking with Leg Pain? Could Your Back Be the Surprising Culprit?

Paul Phillips PT, June 20 2023

You're strolling casually to your favorite coffee shop just a few blocks away, enjoying the sunny day. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you feel an odd, nagging ache in one of your legs. It's not like you injured yourself or anything, but this has been happening quite consistently over the past few weeks. You've noticed that whenever you take this walk,...

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Getting Back on Track: The Benefits of Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain!

Cindy Thibodeau, May 19 2023

If you’re one of the many people who ever experienced lower back pain, you know it can be a real pain in the, well, back! But in all seriousness, it's a frustrating and debilitating issue that affects as much as 80% of adults at some point in their lives. You may have tried all sorts of treatments, but nothing seems to work. That's where...

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